sometimes its not that i choose not to try, its that i dont try and that is what makes me fail to show my full potential. i know i have potential, i've been told many times. its just that sometimes its like well, i just dont have it in me to show it.

so i finally made myself a list of the top 5 things that i want to accomplish in my head and here i am posting it as my very own blog:

1) make dean's list
2) make my parents proud
3) be happy
4) stop thinking so much
5) be able to show my full potential in which i shall achieve true success

does that list make sense or is it too much to ask for? i mean i try and pray for everything, but i'm still missing the part where i have to work my butt off in order for things to happen. after all, all the things that i encounter and learn are for my own benefit. i just have to make use of the materials and things that are provided for me. if i don't i will never overcome my fear...

my fear of sinking deep in the depths of my own failures....
on Dec 21, 2003
So hows it going so far? Are you making any headway? GCJ