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October 30, 2003 by Karrrren
the only things i have left in my mind are just thoughts, thoughts, and more thoughts. never can be erased. never can be denied. they are just thoughts. thoughts left in my mind. i feel like i'm a failure. drowning. yes, i'm just drowning. drowning in my thoughts. one of the main things that keeps me going is my faith in GOD. no doubts. without GOD i would be broken. broken to the point of not being able to fill the hole that i've dug myself into. never. never. never. i still wish i could get in...
October 28, 2003 by Karrrren
sometimes its not that i choose not to try, its that i dont try and that is what makes me fail to show my full potential. i know i have potential, i've been told many times. its just that sometimes its like well, i just dont have it in me to show it.

so i finally made myself a list of the top 5 things that i want to accomplish in my head and here i am posting it as my very own blog:

1) make dean's list
2) make my parents proud
3) be happy
4) stop thinking so much
5) be able to show my ...
October 27, 2003 by Karrrren
"...But with you/I can let my hair down/I can say anything crazy/I know you'll catch me/Right before I hit the ground/With nothin' but a t-shirt on/I never felt so beautiful/Baby as I do now/Now that I'm with you..." - Jessica Simpson

Those lyrics have such a deep meaning to me. It relates to my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend. I've been with him for 13 months and then some and we've had our ups and downs, but I know I can be me when I'm with him. He's so wonderful, so amazing, so be...